Lustres and Lamps

Early lamps which were available in the 19th century featured a container with kerosene in,  which wick or mantle was dipped in that burned, the container had glass chimney or a globe atop, which protected the flame from a draft. However with the invention of the electric bulb, the use of lamps and lustres moved from practical to decorative. Today lamps can be used for a whole variety of purposes and can be placed on tables or the floor and many now use fabric, card or still glass shades.

  • 3 branch candelabra

    3 Branch Table Candelabra

    Rated 0 out of 5

    3 branch table candelabra with tri form base of claw feet and foliate moulding.

    The reeded stem holds the scrolled candelabra arms which are capped with floral and foliate nozzles and drip pans.

    Metalwork finished in polished brass, but can be coloured to suit requirements.

    Reference: CS 1951
    Dimensions: H:66 x W:40
  • matrice lamps

    Matrice Floor Lamp

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Diamond and ribbed cut crystal casing mounted on nickel or pale gold plated stand. Can be used in either an open or closed position as photographed. Weighs 14.5kg

    Also available:
    Table lamps
    Wall sconces

    Style: Saint Louis

    Dimensions: Height 140cm – Width 27cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • portmerion floor lamp

    Portmeirion Floor Lamp

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Portmeirion floor lamp with plain leg and foot and topped with a slightly decorative handle. Perfect as a reading lamp due to the adjustable height. Metalwork finished in polished brass but can be done in a variety of finished including dark bronze or antique brass.

    Dimensions: Height 102cm extending to 157cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • wood and gild torchaires

    Carved Wood and Lead Crystal Torchaires

    Rated 0 out of 5
    These carved wood and lead crystal torchaires are completely hand made. Each stand features detailed sections of either ivory painted or water gilt and burnished wood that have been hand carved and each stand is topped with a hand blown crystal shade. 
    Inside the shade is a 4 light candelabra type fitting which simply lifts out or drops back in as it has a special plug and socket system that allows the shade to be easily cleaned. There are a varity of candles that can be used within the storm shade, but it is photographed with E14 lampholders and card candle tubes.
    Each pair are custom made so can be made to the clients specification in both dimensions and colour finish.
    Dimensions: Height 196cm – Width 30cm
    Reference: CS 2017
    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • oak floor lamp

    American Oak Floor Lamp

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Carved oak legged floor lamp is mounted with an extendable metal arm, replica candle and drip pan. It was also produced for a customer in mahogany.

    Style: Lamps

    Dimensions: Height 141cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • floor lamp with galleried table

    Floor Lamp with Galleried Table

    Rated 0 out of 5

    A large floor lamp with plain leg, decorative foot and ‘pineapple’ finials. It features a galleried table suspended in the upper half of the leg.

    Style: Lamps

    Dimensions: Height 25cm extending to 163cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:

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