The Thornham Hall Chandelier

Thornham Hall Chandelier Wilkinson Kent

Background The original Thornham Hall chandelier is widely acknowledged as one of the earliest examples of an English crystal chandelier. Thornham Hall was a large stately home in Suffolk in the east of England and it is understood that they acquired their crystal chandelier in 1732. There are two other similar examples of this chandelier, […]

Sidholme Music Room Chandelier Restorations

Sidholme Music Room Chandelier Wilkinson Kent

Wilkinson had the privilege to undertake the chandelier restoration process on seven chandeliers located in the Sidholme Music Room at Sidholme. Sidholme is a magnificent property located in Sidmouth, Devon (and known simply as ‘Sidholme’), and is the perfect example of Regency grandeur. Built in 1826 and former residence of the 6th Earl of Buckinghamshire […]

Antique Chandelier Restoration at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Thornham Hall Chandelier In Stock Wilkinson Kent

Wilkinson are happy to announce that we have completed the restoration of an antique chandelier in the Chapel at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Although we are specialists in restoring antique English chandeliers, it is rare that we get the opportunity to work on such exquisite examples as we did in the summer of 2017. We were […]

Wilkinson Begins Restoration on Manchester Assembly Rooms’ Antique Perry Chandelier

Perry Chandelier Restoration Manchester Assembly Rooms Wilkinson

The team at Wilkinson are happy to announce that we have begun restoration on an original antique Perry chandelier from Manchester Assembly Rooms. The chandelier is one of a pair that are being currently being restored by Wilkinson (however, it’s actually one of three) and were originally designed for use with gas. The chandelier has […]

Warwick Castle Chandelier Restoration

Warwick Castle Chandelier Restoration Wilkinson

A chandelier restoration was on the cards for the Wilkinson team spent in the late spring of 2016 as we restored and wired a chandelier from the State Dining Room of Warwick Castle. A service that we offer is chandelier restoration and with years of experience in this, we often get the opportunity to work […]

Large Gilded 19th Century Chandelier Restoration

Large Gilded 19th Century Chandelier Restoration Wilkinson Kent

Early in 2015, a large 19th century chandelier required our chandelier restoration service. We purchased a large 16 light brass chandelier from one of our independent polishers who had no need or desire for the chandelier. He believed that the piece had once hung at Cranbrook School in Kent but had since been removed and […]

Lobmeyr Chandelier Restoration for The Royal Collection

Lobmeyr Chandelier Restoration Wilkinson Kent

In late 2014 and early 2015 we had the pleasure of undertaking a chandelier restoration on this magnificent and unique chandelier by Lobmeyr. The chandelier belongs to The Royal Collection and had been hanging at Osborne House for the last 150 years. It is thought that the chandelier was probably on display at The Great […]

Antique Perry Chandelier Restoration

This antique Perry chandelier restoration is just one of the most stunning pieces that we have available to purchase. It’s a 14 light antique Perry that we restored in our workshops and was previously in residence at The Haberdashers Company, Bassishaw, City of London, their previous hall having been destroyed in a fire following an […]

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