3 Core PVC 0.75 mm

This is a fine quality 3 core PVC flex in 0.75mm.  It can be used on chandeliers, lanterns, floor lamps, candelabras and many more light fittings.

Conforms with British Wiring Standards.

Available colours Gold, Silver, Black and Clear.

0.75mm is the cross section measurement of the copper wire enclosed by the casing NOT the overall diameter of the cable/flex.The maximum load is 1000 Watts @ 240 Volts and the maximum current is 6 Amps

*Please note with the clear 0.75mm, only the earth is indicated inside the flex. The live and neutral are unmarked so a continuity tester will be needed for wiring up ses & es fittings to determine which is which when wiring.

Outside diameter of flex is 5-7mm.

All flex will be sent as a continuous length. For example, if you would like 3 metres select quantity 3 when ordering.

For bulk or international orders please send us a message and we will be happy to give you a quotation.

£2.00 exc. VAT

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