Chandelier Restoration

Wilkinson’s have grown to become one of the largest restorers of chandeliers in the world, with our skilled craftsmen producing work of the highest standard. Having our repair, glass cutting, metalwork departments under one roof and our own glasshouse just a few miles away, allows us to restore a vast range of chandeliers, from the earliest Georgian examples to the latest continental pieces.

Our extensive collection of old patterns, moulds and large stock of pieces, allows us to replace or recreate any item that is missing or broken. We use a variety of techniques from sandblasting to stripping and re-lacquering to restore items following deterioration or damage, always ensuring that we use faithful methods in order to retain authenticity.

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Popular restoration works that we can undertake include:

General upkeep and updating or damage repair- Fitting new lampholders, deep cleaning, minor repairs and repinning broken and fragile metal pins are all part of our service. In addition we can perform more in depth restoration works if your lighting has been affected by fire, smoke or water damage or restoration following damage due to moving or poor storage.

Rewiring – from the rewiring of an entire chandelier to conform with UK electrical regulations or the rewiring or adaptation of a table lamp, we undertake all types of rewiring and have a vast range of flexes and lampholders to choose from

Supply of missing or damaged crystal dressings or chandelier pieces – we have a stock of over hundreds of thousands of crystal chandelier drops and a basement full of spare chandelier parts alternatively our glassblower can hand blow a replacement part. This includes replacement flat or bent glass panes for lanterns.

Metalwork restoration – supply and fitting of replacements for missing metal castings, repairs to damaged lantern doors and internal pendants, refinishing of metalwork due to tarnishing or discolouration.

Adaptation – conversion of fittings from gas/oil or wax candles to electricity,  fitting additional lighting in to exisiting fittings to increase light output, conversion of wiring from UK to European or US regulations or vice-versa.

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