Warwick Castle Chandelier

The chandelier has hung in the State Dining Room of Warwick Castle since 1786 and still used (for display purposes only) wax candles until we restored it in 2016.

To restore the chandelier it was sympathetically wired with 42 electric candles and fitted with LED bulbs, all the crystal was removed and given a deep clean, then we repaired any weak or broken wires and bent metal arms were straightened. We carefully cleaned all the metalwork ensuring the original patina was not damaged, applying a coat of wax to protect the finish.

Thankfully, most of the crystal pendants on the chandelier were original rock crystal pieces, but there were a few lead crystal replacements and some missing pieces, for which we were able to supply suitable rock crystal replacements from our antique stock.

Style: Crystal Chandelier, Large Chandelier

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