Clear 2 Core Lighting Flex

These fine quality 2 core clear flex can be used for the wiring of glass and metal chandelier arms to the lamp holder where space is strictly limited and cable is subject to heat.

Clear 2 core double insulated flex 0.96mm– Has two tinned copper wires (silver in colour) for positive and negative. Constructed of stranded tinned copper wires to BS6360 class 2. The flex is FEP insulated ideal for use where prolonged heat or cold resistance is required ,FEP offers excellent cut through resistance when being worked.

Wire diameter width- Approx 4mm

Diameter height- 2mm

Wire is European-0.75mm

Clear 2 core flex 0.35mm- This clear figure of eight, 2 core flex has two 0.34mm tinned copper wires, both are silver in colour. Very flexible and ideal for wiring fittings with narrow curves and bends. This flex is nearly transparent

Max wattage for this flex is 100 watts.

Wire diameter width-4mm

Diameter height-2mm

Clear/copper 2 core flex 0.22mm- This clear 2 core flex has two 0.22mm tinned copper wires, both have a clear outer layer, with one side silver and one side copper. Very flexible and ideal for wiring fittings with narrow curves and bends.

Max wattage is 100 watts

Wire diameter width- 4mm

Diameter height- 2mm

All flex will be sent as a continuous length. If you require 3 metres, add quantity of 3.

For bulk or international orders please contact us and we will be happy to give you a quotation.

£2.20£3.60 exc. VAT

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