By the mid 1800’s English chandelier design became more ornate and decorative with the removal of the Glass Excise Act. The elegance of the 18th century was replaced by weightier designs with plentiful deep cut crystal swagged dressings found on Victorian chandeliers. One of the most prolific manufacturers of this time was Messrs. Perry & Co. Today they are still greatly sought after, recognised by their ‘hollow and split’ cut stempieces, rope twist arms, double pointed round buttons and pear pendant drops. The 19th century also saw the prominence of the work of F & C Osler.

  • electrolier

    Reproduction Osler Ornate Electrolier Chandelier

    Rated 0 out of 5

    A reproduction of an ornate electrolier produced by F & C Osler. Featuring less glassware and more decorative metalwork that reflected the taste of the time (early 1900’s). The downward facing lights were also an extravagance that had not previously been possible due to the previous fuel sources (wax candles or oil). Our reproduction features 19 lights within hand cut crystal flowers and are dressed with swags of round double pointed buttons. Metalwork is finished in antique brass.

    Style: Crystal & metal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 115cm – Width 127cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • 48 light osler chandelier

    48 Light Osler Style Chandelier

    Rated 0 out of 5

    A custom manufactured 48 light chandelier based on the original Osler model 3004 which featured 36 lights. All the crystal stem pieces are hand cut in the Osler style. The solid brass metalwork in silver plated and clear lacquered to appear ‘invisible’ within the chandelier.

    Style: Crystal Chandelier, Large Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 300cm – Width 200cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • osler style wall lights

    Osler Style Wall Lights

    Rated 0 out of 5

    A two branch reproduction Osler & Faraday wall light model no. O.F.6201. Finished in gilded brass.

    Also available in polished brass, silver, dark bronze and many other metal finishes. Available either wired with French candles as illustrated or lamp holders with card candle tubes.

    Style: Metal Wall light

    Dimensions: Height 47cm – Width 28cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • messenger

    Messenger Style Chandelier

    Rated 0 out of 5
    A replica of mid 19th century 6 branch Colza chandelier by Messenger & Son of Birmingham. Originally designed for use with colza oil, the modern equivalents are wired for use with electricity. Lampholders are concealed by 6 hand cut and etched glass lotus shades. The height can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of links in the decorative chain.

    Style:  Metal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 152cm – Width 107cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • tent and waterfall with rules

    Tent & Waterfall With Rule Drops

    Rated 0 out of 5

    A Victorian style tent and waterfall chandelier for 6 lights with a further 6 internal lights. Rule drops and octagonal buttons are used on the “tent” with crystal rule drops creating the “waterfall” at the bottom of the chandelier and dressing the drip pans. The metalwork is silver plated and externally wired with tall tapered French candles.

    Style: Crystal Chandelier

    Dimensions: Height 110cm – Width 80cm

    Dimensions: H: x W:
  • tent and waterfall wall lights

    Tent and Waterfall Wall Light

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Tent and waterfall style wall light, dressed with crystal pendant rule drops. 3 concealed internal lamps.

    Style: Crystal Wall Light

    Dimensions: Height 65cm – Width 30cm 

    Dimensions: H: x W:

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