Antique Regency Chandelier

Fortunately this antique chandelier, which was almost certainly made by Hancock, didn’t have too many missing parts but just required some attention to rectify a few small issues. The metal framework required straightening, as it had become distorted and the top canopy had been put on upside down, so this needed to be repositioned to be historically correct. The original central solid iron rod was replaced with a new hollow steel barrel, this allows the wiring to pass through unseen internally rather than visibly attached on the outside. It was just the interior of the chandelier that was rewired as the client wanted to retain the use of wax candles on the exterior nozzles, of which only a couple needed repairing with high viscosity adhesive. The strands of buttons were held together with very brittle metal pins that would almost certainly snap in the future, so about 1500 of these pins were replaced and the buttons themselves re-ordered to create a consistent graduation.

Style: Crystal Chandelier, Large Chandelier

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