Chatsworth House Perry & Co chandelier

This stunning chandelier manufactured by Perry & Co, had been in storage at Chatsworth House until we were asked to restore the 1840’s chandelier. Sadly there were quite a number of original pieces missing – 2 large leaf arms, 3 rings, 8 collars, 4 savalls, 4 nozzles, 6 leaf pans, 2 leaf upturned pan bases, 2 arm finials, 3 wedge finial sconces and 5 threaded candle holders. Our UK based glass blower was able to produce blank lead crystal pieces for our skilled glass workers to cut to replicate the originals.

When company owner David Wilkinson saw images of the chandelier pre-restoration, he knew that the fitting did not look quite right, this was due to the fact there were a number of the main stem pieces missing, meaning the chandelier was too short, using his knowledge and research into other antique Perry chandeliers from the period he was able to have new pieces manufactured so that the chandelier was again historically correct and in proportion.

Style: Crystal Chandelier

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